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Linux developers set aside differences, plan Linux app store

Linux is growing, so the need of an app store for users to buy and download seems necessary. Developers writing applications for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat etc. are now mulling the concept of building a LInux app store. The idea is to bring together a single install package across distributions.

That helps app developers work together and more importantly, bring a semblance of unity to a highly fragmented Linux landscape. An app store has worked to popularize Android, and such an app store could certainly help the Linux desktop.

The store is still being conceptualized, and there's no promise if it'll be fruition. Mac OS has the Mac App Store, a sort of download.com for Macs, and Windows could get something soon. It's time for Linux developer to give up their distro preferences for once, agree on a framework to build the store, and deliver it. It's an interesting concept that could take the Linux movement a long way.

This sloppy InformationWeek article details the plan.