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IBM's Linux Wristwatch

If we were to ask you, what are the two things that can get most men's adrenaline rushing, you probably will guess the first one right. Yes, it is 'women'.. and the second ?.... Wrong, it is neither booze nor the thought of gambling a night away at a casino. It is 'Mail' in their inbox. Research and statistical reports of men surfing the Internet support this finding. As for us, in addition to the above two factors "learning new technology" gets us all pepped up too.

Report from Bang!inux at India’s Silicon City, Bangalore

Bang!inux was held for the second time, thanks again to Wrox. It was last year’s favorable response to the event that prompted Wrox to reorganize it this year. This year’s event was targeted at programmers and so the beginner and professional’s tracks were replaced with System/OS programming track, Linux-focused tracks and associated tracks for the enterprise. The idea was to get more people into Linux and Open Source development and get the corporate sector more interested in using Linux-based solutions.

Report from the IT and Empowerment conference, India

Freeware, shareware will play key role in bringing Indian non-profit

organizations online

Can the Internet help empower people - or does it actually reinforce

existing inequities in society? Can the non-profit, academic, government

and private sectors together address, analyze and assess the

socio-economic consequences of IT diffusion in urban and rural societies?

Close to a hundred delegates debated these issues in Bangalore recently at

the two-day conference provocatively titled "IT and Empowerment: The

Greater the Access, The More the Divide?"