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Debian 6.0 released, brings Linux project back on foot

The once-powerful Debian went into hibernation, but now is back. Debian 6.0 stable version is here with 29,000 packages, and is available for download in Debian's website. There was a time -- just two years ago -- when Debian slipped, and users wondered whether the distro was serious business.

Seems like they are, and they try to point out on an FAQ page that tech support questions get answered in as little as 15 minutes. They also say some people find Debian easier to use than Windows. But they also admit the distro doesn't include drivers for some new hardware.

So the question is: are they relevant or not? Not necessarily, says ZDNet. They have unknown brands of e-mail and browser software that are cheap replicas of Firefox and Thunderbird. But he likes the face that Debian is offering a version that runs on top of FreeBSD.