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Help Linux Fund figure out Open.org

Linux Fund just bought the domain Open.org, now it needs your input on what to do with the website. The remarkable nonprofit has given away $750,000 in open-source project donations to date, and is now asking: "come help us imagine what it could be."

There are many fine websites like FreeOS dealing with open-source software, with my favorites being Linux.com and H-Online. Open.org could be a resource center to host open-source projects, much like Sourceforge. It could be a place to host all app stores -- Intel's AppUp, Android Market, and Apple's App Store -- included.

Or it could be a place that hosts tutorials. It could be a center where budding programmers pick up basic programming techniques.

ITWorld has mentioned some user suggestions, which include being a link farm, an aggregation site, or a listserv. One commenter had an interesting suggestion -- a social network (not specified if it would be for open-source enthusiasts).

But being a nonprofit, Linux Fund has to make revenue off of it enough to fund operations. It's got a big opportunity here, and the domain name is great. E-mail Linux Fund at open@linuxfund.org if you have ideas.