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Ubuntu One client for Android, Windows coming soon

An Ubuntu app will soon reach Android smartphones and tablets to sync music and bookmarks with the Ubuntu One free hosting service, Canonical said on Monday.

"We’re close to launching full-fledged clients for Windows and Android – effectively exposing the extended world of Ubuntu to millions of users for the first time," the company said in a blog entry on Wednesday.

Here's a listing of what the new client app will be able to do:

1) File sync -- users can use smartphones and tablets to sync files on the Ubuntu One file hosting services. Users get 2GB of free hosting on the service, more if you are willing to pay.

2) Music Streaming -- allows users to access and stream music stored in mp3, .mp4 and .ogg formats. The service will also support iTunes soon. Users will also be able to purchase music from the music store using the client.

3) Sync contacts  -- "We’re revamping our Contacts Sync service! Soon, you will be able to sync your Facebook friends, Gmail and mobile phone contacts," per the blog entry. are exciting times for Ubuntu One.

So, Ubuntu is going deeper in the cloud!