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Lightning fast Puppy Linux gets updated to 5.25

The lightning fast Lucid Puppy, popularly known as Puppy Linx, got updated to version  5.25. The new distro is based on the latest Linux kernel, and offers a chock full of new features and software updates.

The installation file is just 127MB, and it is based on Ubuntu 11.04, also known as Natty Narwhal. The software is a major update, as it reworks some core Linux ingredients.

"All this and the low overhead that makes Puppy fast, friendly and fun," said Barry Kauler of Puppy Linux on his blog.

Puppy Linux has made its name as a lightning fast OS that boots up in a few seconds. It will work on the oldest PCs, just try it.

It includes the latest Bash shell version 4.10 and the Syslinux 4.03 bootloaders, updated from older versions.

The Puppy Package Manager has more software packages designed for Puppy Linux. The distro has better driver support, and one can now easily organize video resolution.

The distro is available for download on Puppy Linux's site. (ISO file).

Other interesting release notes straight from Puppy Linux's site:

-- Quickset dialog to accept or change video resolution, timezone, language/locale and keyboard.  

-- Browser Installer--which of the major browsers would you like to use--even more than one, with Browser-Default allowing you to change which one you use as the default.  

-- Quickpet--with as much good stuff as a Swiss Army Knife.  There are three tabs worth of great Linux programs that you can install with a single-click, all tested and configured for Lucid.