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Getting on the net with WvDial

and password combination needs to be given. Open it in your favourite text

editor and you should see a section header titled [Dialer Defaults]. The

global options that will affect all your sections are defined here. When

WvDial starts up, this is the section that it will read first.

Add the following to the section.

Username = foouser

Password = password

Phone = 1734566

If you have additional numbers for your ISP, then just add another section

below this one with the other number in Phone. Each section in WvDial

inherits from the default section and also overrides it if any common fields

are found.

[Dialer 56kline]

Phone = 172324

Now enter 'wvdial 56kline' at the command line and WvDial will use the

second phone number. WvDial will read the Defaults section and while

dialing, override the phone number in the default section with the new one.

Similarly, you can add different login/password pairs as well as numbers for

other ISPs. Even INIT strings can be overridden this way so that even if

you need to have different modem configurations for various ISPs then you

will not have a problem. Just specify the section name on the command-line

after wvdial and WvDial will use section-specific options.


[Dialer BetterISP]

Init2 = ATQ0 L0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 S11=55 +FCLASS=0

Username = foo2

Password = pass2

Phone = 193456

wvdial betterisp

If additional sections are specified on the command line then wvdial will

read the first section and then override any common options with the

options from the second section and so on.

Let's say that I have defined another phone number for BetterISP in a

section named BISP2. To get WvDial to call the second number for

BetterISP, I'd say

wvdial BetterISP BISP2

This would read BetterISP but override the phone number by the one defined

in BISP2. There's a lot you can do this way. Be creative.

I could also do the above by using the Inherit keyword in the wvdial.conf

file where I can tell a section to inherit all its settings from another.

So I could tell BISP2 to inherit settings from BetterISP instead of from


[Dialer BISP2]

Inherit = BetterISP

Phone = 92837434

Now I can just type wvdial BISP2 and it will just grab the settings from


WvDial cannot be run non-root but it can be set suid root so that regular