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Linux learning curve


KDE or K Desktop Environment is a graphical user interface (GUI) for

Linux. In lay terms it is a program which runs on Linux and gives it a

Windows look and feel. Here we will look at the different programs that

come with KDE. This review was done under Caldera's Open Linux 2.4

System Tools in KDE

Kcontrol: The KDE control center is the first stop in fine tuning your

Linux machine. You can change the way your desktop looks in Desktop. COAS

is used to make system changes. You will have to log in as root for this.

Under COAS- system-daemon, you can specify the programs you want to start

at boot time. It is important to do this as by default Linux loads quite a

few programs on its own which may not be needed.

KPager: A unique feature of KDE is multiple desktops. Kpager is a handy

tool that lets you see, resize or close windows on any desktop and move

them within or between desktops.

KFile Manager (KFM): KFM is the default file manager for KDE. Copy, move

or link files and folders using Kfm. You can also bookmark your choice.

KFM is also a full featured web browser, ftp client, archive utility. It

acts as a server for other KDE applications.

KFontmanager: Add and remove available fonts on your system using this


KDE Setup Wizard: The wizard starts up when you run Linux for the first

time. However apart from the beautiful picture of Kandalf the Wizard,

there is nothing much to say for this utility.

KFloppy: This is a tool for formatting floppies in Linux(ext2) as well as


Kpackage: It displays all installed and un-installed packages on your

system .You can see which files are included in an installed package and

also open that file by clicking on it. Use Kpackage for installing your

rpm files.

KTop: The KDE Task Manager. It displays the processes currently been run

by the machine. It also features a processor load and memory usage


Webmin: The powerful net based administration system. Use this to

control anything and everything on your machine. From choosing your

default boot OS to making new partitions on your hard disk, Webmin does it


Xvidtune: This program helps you to fine tune your monitor display. AVOID

unless you are a geek.