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Linux Garage: KDE Utilities

export the database as a HTML table. You can start KMail directly from

within the program to mail to any address.

KLyX Editor: This is a word processor for the power user/geek. Along with

the standard features you would expect in any WP, it has some unique ones

like cross referencing, infinite undo, The help manual calls others WP's

as 'simply glorified typewriters' Whereas others are based on WYSIWYG

principle, LyX is based on What you see is what you mean. LyX allows the

writer to concentrate on the content and not how the document looks like.

KOrganiser: A standard PIM with a calendar, appointments & todo lists. Its

unique feature is that it uses the vCalendar protocol for data interchange

with different programs, devices. Data is stored in ASCII format and human


Karm Personal Time Tracker: I kept a track of how much time I was spending

on writing this article using Karm. If anybody can think of anything

else, please let me know.

KDE Editors

X Edit: A very basic editor with search & replace facility.

XEmacs: A very powerful and extensible text editor with GUI support. It

has its own inbuilt browser. Strictly for the advanced Linux user.

KWrite: An advanced text editor for use of programmer's who find XEmac

hard to digest. It is used in conjunction with KFM, the default file

browser of KDE.

Netscape composer: Standard Netscape fare-- does anyone really use this


GVim: Another text editor for programers and the like. Can convert files

to HTML.

KEdit: This is the default text editor for KDE. It is used along with KFM.

Useful for writing/editing small text files.

KDE Graphics

GIMP: The Photo Shop of Linux. Has most of the familiar Photo Shop

features and more. Watch for a more detailed review.

KIconeditor: This is a program to help you create icons for KDE. Easy to

use with lots of useful features.

KFax fax viewer: This is a fax file viewer that can display and print most

common fax formats. As yet cannot send/receive faxes.

Kview: Remember a program called Irfan Viewer in Windows. Well, this is

the Linux equivalent. Opens fast, has a slideshow feature.

KPaint: This is a simple bitmap paint program.

PS Viewer: This is the default Postscript viewer for KDE. Can view Adobe's

pdf files also.