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Borland comes back to life

claimed to be the fastest compiler available. Also on the cards are plans

to port C+ + Builder to Linux.

There's a tremendous demand for Linux applications and Linux programmers.

Currently, there are two problems for application developers under Linux.

Most Windows developers have difficulty in moving to a new platform like

Linux. The reason is that they would have to do a great deal of re-coding to port

their existing applications to Linux. Another problem is that the tools they're familiar

with are not available for Linux.

When Borland releases these tools in the market, it will surely speed up

deployment of applications under Linux. Programmers will have a good rapid

application development (RAD) environment to choose from and it will give them more

choices. It will also enable porting of existing Delphi and C++ Builder

applications from Windows to Linux.

With so much of existing Windows applications developed in Borland

products, there's a huge potential for code re-use and these applications

can be ported onto the Linux platform in no time.

There are also thousands of programmers around the world using Borland

development tools now - or have used them in the past. Since these

developers are already familiar with the tools, they could easily write

applications for the Linux platform. If Borland can manage to speed up

application development on the Linux platform, I'm sure, as Linux grows,

Borland, too, will get a share of the pie. Long live Borland!