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A look at Helix GNOME

spreadsheet. Already, Gnumeric can handle documents in a variety of formats,

including HTML, Excel, CSV, and Lotus-123. Gnumeric is extensible and

scriptable, so that it will remain a platform for development and data

management for years to come.


* GnomeCalculator: A simple double precision calculator. It is not as full

featured as a scientific calculator.

* bug-buddy: A bug report tool for users.

* gTop: An impressive real time system monitor.

* SysInfo: System information and report tool.

* Stripchart: Plots various user-specified elements over a period of time.

* Gnome Search Tool: A MS Windows like Find function useful for locating



* GIMP: Graphics Image Manipulation Program that rivals commercial graphic

applications like Adobe Photoshop.

* GQview: An image file viewer for various file formats.


* Update Agent/Helix Setup Tools: Helix Setup Tools simplify the

administration of Unix desktop machines, by giving the user a friendly and

unified graphical frontend to most setup and administration tasks. Keep

desktop applications and components up to date with Update Agent.

* Evolution: Evolution, the Helix Code groupware suite, marks the next step

forward in GNOME applications. The email, contact management, and calendar

tools act as a seamless personal information-management tool. Evolution is

also highly extensible and it will be possible to use it to solve a wide

variety of information-sharing problems.

The Future

Everything that Helix GNOME provides and installs can be installed manually by

downloading the various components freely available from the Internet. In

fact, if you look closely, there is no difference between GNOME and Helix

GNOME. To look at Helix GNOME from the simplistic software point of view would

be wrong. Helix GNOME lays the foundation for user-friendly install packages

that can be readily installed by first time users and high quality software

that deliver.

Helix Code plans to continually develop Helix GNOME and packages that will be

useful for users. Most of Helix's service will be freely available with some

features becoming value add services.

If you haven't tried out the GNOME desktop environment and feel intimidated by

installation procedures, Helix GNOME is the best excuse you can give yourself

to install the GNOME environment on your system!