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Itanium - The next big leap for Linux

development for the Linux community as the kernel can be optimized to run

very well on this processor. In fact the Trillian Project is a

co-operative development between different vendors to create a unified

version of Linux for the Itanium processor. Their goal is to make the port

available at the same time that Intel launches the new processor. The

project also wants to ensure that existing 32-bit applications run

seamlessly in the 64-bit environment. A lot of code optimization is also

being carried out to ensure that Linux runs faster than other operating


Partners in the projects such as SuSE, Red Hat, Caldera and Turbo Linux

are also working towards 64-bit Linux distributions. Other partners such

as VA Linux want to ensure that their systems are the best platforms to

run Linux.

Both the Linux operating system and the Itanium processor are important

developments for the future of computing. If your organization plans to

deploy either of these solutions, you are going to have a significant

competitive advantage, but if you deploy both these technologies you can

have the best of both words -- a very powerful processor and an operating

system which can fully harness the power of the processor.

Prakash Advani is the CEO of FreeOS.com and can be reached at