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Somebody stop me!

The X Movie Player System was originally intended to overcome

defects with xmms when playing video. This was one of the first

good players on linux. The project shows very low activity with

no new release for quite sometime now. Grab it and try it out.

Plays mpeg (using smpeg) and Divx ;-) (using avifile).

6. Other Libraries/UIs/etc

- Lamp [http://pauillac.inria.fr/lamp/].

This player is quite good. The only drawback is that the site

hasn't shown any activity for quite some time now.

- Check out Mpeglib [http://mpeglib.sourceforge.net/].

- Don't miss [http://heroine.linuxave.net/] to

try out Xmovie, libmpeg3, and Quicktime for Linux.

- Take a look at Xine [http://xine.sourceforge.net/]. Xine

can play VCDs (good seek support), DVDs and mpeg movies.

7. Shareware players

- MTV [http://www.mpegtv.com/]. This is a very good VCD

player for Linux. This software is not free. It's distributed

as shareware.

8. DVD Playback

Information is available at [http://www.linuxvideo.org/].

I personally haven't tried DVD playback yet.

9. Other useful video software

(i) Xanim [http://xanim.va.pubnix.com/].

One of the first video players on Linux, Xanim has big

plans for their Next Generation player.

(ii) RealPlayer [http://www.real.com/].

(iii) Aktion. Aktion can play mpeg movies.

(iv) X2divx [http://www.emulinks.de/divx/]

Conversion software to convert mpeg and avi to divx ;)

(v) Vcdgear [http://www.vcdgear.com/]

For conversion, extraction and repair of VCD file formats.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more video players

on the net. Some are missing from this article because I've never

heard of them or I couldn't get them to compile and run. So,

don't forget to send that query on http://www.google.com/linux

before watching Trinity say "Dodge this" in "The Matrix.