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GRUB: Multi-boot without LILO!

One problem that could arise with the above notation is if /boot is a separate partition. Let’s say (hd0,1) (hda2), is being mounted as /boot on your system. (hd0,2) (hda3) is your root partition. The above installation would have to be modified to the one below. You cannot say (hd0,2)/boot/grub/stage1 because GRUB does not know that (hd0,1) is mounted as /boot on your system. In this case, you will have to point first to the partition that is mounted as /boot and then to the grub directory under it.

grub> install (hd0,1)/grub/stage1 d (hd0) (hd0,1)/boot/grub/stage2 p (hd0,1)/grub/menu.lst

Reboot and you will have a decent GRUB menu in your hands. In case of any configuration problems you can check the web site or the locally installed documentation. The manual pages are in texinfo format so use ‘info grub’ to get to the real detailed documentation (‘man grub’ will give you very basic information).

This was a installation guide to GRUB. We’re leaving it in place for a while as we evaluate the pros and cons of using this over LILO. It’s not difficult to configure or install but if LILO is working fine then you probably should leave that as is. On the other hand, GRUB has some neat and powerful features that should be explored further.