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Windows rules or goes Phat?

Phat Linux 3.3, the latest release, comes with a multiple choice of GUI. Take your pick from KDE 2.0, Gnome and Enlightenment. There is lots of popular software including Netscape for browsing, Kword for word processing, Knapster for music lovers. You can also get Gnumeric for spreadsheet work, GIMP and Image editors for image editing and the regular collection of CD players, PIM’s etc. Hardcore techies also get the Apache Web Server, a Dos Emulator, Popular Libraries, an Anonymous FTP Server and more! In short there is nothing wanting in terms of daily usage software.

I found it quite easy on my Cyrix 300 machine too. The basic advantage is of course that you don’t need to make any partitions on your disk. You can also start it any time from Windows by just clicking on the icon. No need to shut down and restart the machine. Phat Linux makes a folder in your C: drive called phat. This folder contains the bat file for this. Windows then shuts down and Phat Linux starts up. However when you shut down Linux, you have to reboot into Windows.

I think Phat Linux is a great way for newbies to get familiar with the world of Linux. Now all I need to do is decide what to stick too—Windows or go Phat!

Screenshots of Phat Linux and KDE are from the Phat Linux site.

About the author

Chandrahas Shetty is the Chief Accountant at FreeOS.com. In between juggling figures, balance sheets and handing out the dole checks to employees, he likes to fiddle around with Linux. Incidentally he refuses to take any kind off responsibility for this article! In case of problems or queries with Phat Linux, you would do better to direct your e-mail to questions@phatlinux.com or visit their site at www.phatlinux.com.