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DNS Tutorial

43200 ; default_ttl


@ IN NS kshounish1.bigleap.com

kshounish1.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish2.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish3.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish4.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish5.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish5.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish7.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish8.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish9.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish10.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish11.bigleap.com IN A

@ IN SOA kshounish2.love.com. root@kshounish2.love.com. (

2000011302 ; serial

3600 ; refresh

900 ; retry

1209600 ; expire

43200 ; default_ttl


@ IN NS kshounish1.bigleap.com

1 IN PTR kshounish1.bigleap.com

2 IN PTR kshounish2.bigleap.com

3 IN PTR kshounish3.bigleap.com

4 IN PTR kshounish4.bigleap.com

5 IN PTR kshounish5.bigleap.com

6 IN PTR kshounish6.bigleap.com

7 IN PTR kshounish7.bigleap.com

8 IN PTR kshounish8.bigleap.com

9 IN PTR kshounish9.bigleap.com

10 IN PTR kshounish10.bigleap.com

11 IN PTR kshounish11.bigleap.com

You must have noticed that after adding the new machine we have changed the serial number from 2000011301 to 2000011302. This is done because the slave server updates its database from master. It finds that its serial number is smaller than the master server and when you change the serial number while the slave server queries for updating, its serial number changes automatically as a result of which the slave’s slave also changes.