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In conversation with Martin Konold

Konqueror is really good. It supports Netscape plugins. Java is supported too. It's extremely standards compliant. When we started out with Konqueror, people questioned our decision. They questioned that Mozilla would be out soon why then, were we building our own browser. Well, it's been two years and look where Mozilla is.

A few days after the above interview, Martin Konold visited the FreeOS office for an informal talk with some developers, the local LUG and members of the FreeOS team. Following are few interesting quotes from the conversation.

"Always document your code. At KDE, we have a very strict rule about this. We don't care how good your code is. If you don't document the code, your code will not get in"

"Write your code to be fast and optimized right now. Don't wait for processor speeds to increase. Look at java. Everyone predicted that Java performance would be much faster as processor speed increase. But, in spite of the processor speeds, java code still runs slowly"

"Developers, please take care of your hands. I have one suggestion for you. Any time your hands start hurting, move away, take a pen and paper and spend some time conceptualizing your code."

"We believe that when you are working with objects, the best way to go about it is object-oriented programming. That is why we have chosen c++."

"Borrowing ideas. We always keep a look out at other environments and grab what we like. We say, "hey! that looks good, let's put it in."