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Freedom vs. Freedom

We don't have to be worried about the Microsoft's stealing the code. As long as the code is open, there will be a free and Open Source implementation that is as viable and flexible. If one company takes code and builds a commercial product around it, then so can any other company. Simple economics of competition will ensure that companies keep costs low and give the consumer a good deal. The truly ethical companies will make sure that they give back to the Open Source community. The Open Source community on the other hand will ensure that their code always remains free and remains an excellent first choice or at least a very viable alternative.

Freedom Vs. Freedom

So, which license wins the argument? Well, I don't know. We do need licenses to set certain limits and ensure that the right people get credit. We keep getting into mindless arguments and flame wars. Open Source is O-P-E-N. All Open Source licenses give you full freedom. The GPL is Open Source, regardless of RMS' problems with the term Open Source. Open Source is Freedom. Pick the Open Source license that fits your idea of freedom and work with that. As far as I am concerned, I'll put my money on Open Source any day.