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How to roll your own Linux

Now change the 'label=linux' to 'label=lintest'. Save the file and exit the


Now type 'lilo' at the command prompt. This whole process adds your newly compiled

kernel to the boot list of lilo, the Linux loader, without removing your existing

Linux kernel. This ensures that even if the newly compiled kernel doesn't work

as expected, you can still boot your machine with the older kernel.

Now reboot your machine. And, the next time 'lilo' prompts to load an OS, just

type 'lintest' to make a new kernel boot-up. If this doesn't work, don't panic.

Just reboot your machine and use the default Linux kernel you used to boot it

in the first instance and you'll be back where you started.

If, however, this succeeds, and everything functions just fine, swap the 'label=

lintest' line in the fresh entry you made with the default entry's name (in

this case, the name will be 'label= linux' in the /etc/lilo.conf). Then change

the default entry of the old Linux kernel to 'label=linback' and run 'lilo'.

This way, you make the new kernel your default kernel and preserve your older

kernel in the boot menu -- just in case you ever need it.