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A diary of a Linux bumpkin

At least one Linux heavyweight includes a line at the bottom of their Web page that says, "This Web page was created using WordPad on Windows 95." It is a reminder to some overly zealous Linux bigots that Linux is not about replacing Windows, which is just fine for many uses, clearly. Blame the bi-cameral human brain for imposing such false oppositions.

Instead, Linux is a bright new concept in freedom of information, equal access for all, and international cooperation. Also, a stable rock-like platform on which you can build whatever you have the creativity, artfulness, diplomacy, interest and perseverance to build. Comparison with the Internet as a promising New Thing may not be overly exaggerated.

It looks like the first round of Linux innovations could be the car audio jukebox that can play hundreds and hundreds of mpeg'ed CDs from a single hard drive. As near as I can tell, you'll be hearing these soon, if you haven't already. On the other hand, the arts and entertainment industry has proven itself pretty good at delaying technology (referring to the DVD here).

But if it does happen, and you end up getting yourself one of them there new-fangled Linux jukebox players, just be sure it has a few good ol' country tunes on it. Like this one song I know, for instance... perhaps you've heard it? It's called Overnight Sensation...