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India's Silent Contribution To Linux Now Rapidly Getting Noticed

playback of Tabla rhythms.

Perhaps even more impressive is an attempt to take computing to the commanman

through Indian-language solutions.

This page was recently quietly (and without much ado) announced. Leading

someone on a Linux-based mailing-list to comment: "These guys are already

offering Indian language support from the kernel up, not as an

add-on that is stuck on top of the OS. Imagine Pine in Tamil!

This team is at IIT-Madras are really upto something. Don't get taken

in by their unostentatious web page:


Introducing young minds to Linux is also an important task. In the last

column, IndiaComputes focussed on an attempt to take Linux education to

schools in Goa.

At the TIFR, Mumbai www.hbcse.tifr.res.in/gn

professor Nagarjuna G. is undertaking some interesting projects. 'Fostering

Free/Open Source

Technologies' (FOST) and running a mailing-list called GNU/Linux for Education

(GNU/LIFE). Some time back, he announced plans to put together a CD of GNU/Linux

tools that would be useful to engineering students.

Secunderabad-based Linux trainers Algologic came out with their CD called

'GNU/Linux in a Teaspoon (Ver. 3)'. It's a fascinating one CDROM collection

of tutorial material on Linux. See http://algolog.tripod.com

The LOST (Linux-One-Stanza-Tips) is a series of small tips for Linux

users, via the home-page of U S M Bish.


M.N.Karthik's work is also going to make it easier for Linux enthusiasts

based anywhere to understand this OS, which has an initially-steep learning

curve. http://www.metlin.f2s.com/linux/

takes you to Layman's Linux FAQ, with interesting tips on this unique

OS. There's also a shell scripting

tutorial and a how-to on accessing Windows partitions.

You could contribute too. Check out for the nearest LUG, or visit


Incidentally, http://www.linux.org/groups/india/

is a

somewhat-aging list of Linux user groups across India.