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India's Silent Contribution To Linux Now Rapidly Getting Noticed

messages) KHM (a KDE based hardware monitor)...and more including some in


Named after the Sanskrit term for a magician, Prabhu Ramachandran's MayaVi


> is a scientific data visualizer. Philip S Tellis' httptype reads a

list of http hosts and optionally the port number for each of these. It then

queries each of the hosts and displays the HTTP server software of the host.

Tellis is with the NCST in Mumbai and his software is both at Sourceforge

and the ncst.ernet.in pages.

Ashish Gulhati's Perl modules on the netropolis.org help one to do "various

things". Chirag Kantharia's work includes Bugster (a P2P application for

sharing MP3z and OGGz). He also worked on Yamit, Sentry Linux, Waba Virtual

Machine, Kollektive Linux (a distro aimed to be a graphics rich,

desktop-enhanced GNU/Linux distribution for newbies), and ANet (anonymous

peer to peer networking protocol).

Bugster, says Chirag, is no longer being developed. "Basically, I wrote

it cos we didn't have a machine back at the IIT-Bombay with disk large enough

to store all our mp3s. So the distributed storage and Bugster came to life,"

he told this correspondent. As of now Sentry Linux is not being developed,

and Kantharia wishes there was someone to take over. See


IMV (Information Meta View) system by Vinod G Kulkarni attempts to create

a web standard for information storage in a decentralized database. Information

is stored as a graph like structure spanning several service providers.


On the other hand, Mget is a command line download manager, by Debajyoti

Bera. See freshmeat.net/projects/mget

. TransConnect <transconnect.sourceforge.net

> by Ajay Kumar Dwivedi and Binand Raj S. allows you "almost complete"

access to the Internet, through a HTTP proxy like squid. It lets one to

connect to remote machines on any port, using http tunneling.

Amit Kale's kgdb <kgdb.sourceforge.net

> is a kernel patch, which allows one to use gdb to debug linux kernels.