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If I could re-write Linux

next generation user interface in the future and just plug it in

without disturbing anything else. Users who still like a command prompt

could execute a command shell such as bash and DOS on top of the GUI.

Security: Most of today's operation systems

were not designed with security as a paramount goal. Linux is far more

secure than operating systems such as Windows, but OpenBSD is more

secure than Linux or any other operating system today. It's very

difficult to have a completely secure operating system, but NGOS would

be designed from scratch to be more secure than OpenBSD. It will also

maintain secure identity for the users similar to Microsoft Passport

but distributed. An organisation could have its own identity management

tool which it could use internally as well as share with other

organisations that it trusts. Linux today has LDAP, which can do

authentication but is limited to certain applications, hence users have

to log in multiple times. NGOS will have single signon similar to

Novell's edirectory.

Those are just some ideas for operating system

designers to consider. It may not be practical to re-write Linux

completely from scratch, but anyone considering writing their own

operating system may want to bear these ideas in mind.

What else should our NGOS offer? Please add your

ideas below.

This article was first published on Newsforge.