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Kernel Compilation & Avoiding ‘Unresolved Symbol’

The above hack will help you get rid of the ugly unresolved symbols error only if you have not compiled your brand new kernel, If you have already compiled your kernel then the above will not work because during kernel compilation there is a possibility of some of the header files in the ../include directory getting deleted, so in such situations you have to reinstall your kernel sources once again and try the above.


Inspite of all the above still you will get some warnings like “this is a tainted module blahh blahhh “ just ignore them .Hope this HOWTO will help you in getting started comfortably in your Kernel programming endeavor !!!!! Very soon I’ll come out with a HOWTO on device driver programming , in this I’ll try to simplify the task of writing full-fledged device driver (Real device – not a simple ‘hello world’ program )

This HOWTO is authored by Vikram Kumar C, He a Linux freak since ages, currently working as a Linux programmer in the city of Hyderabad, India.