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SuSE Linux 6.1 Released

SuSE has released the latest version of its popular Linux Distribution

750 Million Linux users in the next 5 years

Interview with Linux evangelist Eric Raymond.

Will Linux Take ERP By Storm?

A growing number of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendors are finally making a leap of faith onto the open-source bandwagon.

Inside Redhat

A visit to Redhat, the most popular Linux distribution.

Linux and Open Source are the focus on this years Comdex

Several of the Industry Big Wigs talk about impact of Linux and Open Source

Caldera releases OpenLinux 2.2

Caldera releases the latest version of its Linux Distribution. Claimed to be the easiest to install.

Gates says Linux has limited impact

Microsoft Chairman says Linux has limited role but he will take the OS seriously

FreeBSD 'Zine April Issue

The April issue (#4) of the FreeBSD 'zine was put up on the 1st. Features this month include

tutorials on shell scripting and vi, a benchmark comparison between BSD and Linux, and a

continuation of the series on qmail.

Linux's annual growth rate 25%

IDG predicts a compounded annual growth rate at 25% for Linux

Linux on the Fast Track

Linux to grow faster than all other Operating Systems combine.