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Corel Word Perfect 2000

Corel Word Perfect 2000

Office tools form the core job of an average person's computer usage. One of the basic reasons why people preferred Windows to Linux was the availability of an excellent office suite in form of MS Office 2000. With bigwigs such as Corel showing great interest in taming the Penguin, the scenario is fast changing. First it was Corel Linux (the OS) and now it is Word Perfect Office 2000. A first hand look is all what is required to get hooked to it. A Word Processor, Presentation, Database Management software all makes an impressive ingredient list. The installation job however is a bit tedious and might ruin one's appetite.

Installation Blues

Installing Corel WordPerfect is a disaster in it's own way. You first need to be a root to install it, which is fine. If you have Red Hat running then the ride is smooth. However when we tried installing Corel on SuSe 6.4, dependancy problems popped up. Although we had an "Almost Everything Install" option for SuSe, the Corel Setup asked me for 'glibc' package. When we tried installing 'glibc', further dependancy problems for glibc popped up. Finally we made a force 'glibc' install using 'rpm -Uvh (package name) --nodeps' which solved my problem. The saga didn't end there.

Available Free Space was never shown and when we freed a total of 100 MB space, the installation gave me an error and told me to free some space without specifying the quantity. Keep in mind that you require at least 550 MB of free space for a full install. We weren’t even offered an installation directory of our choice and had to be content with the default one. After installation was complete, theoretically all we needed was a simple login to start using Corel. But all we got was a frozen machine. We had to reboot the system to start using the software. The 'hard work' legacy also continues when uninstalling the software. There's no uninstaller included and the only option is to manually delete the files.

The Happy Part