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Corel Word Perfect 2000

Once the software is installed there's not much to complain about. Just run the software by clicking on Start= Applications= WordPerfect Office 2000. A variety of tools in the form of WordPerfect, Presentation, Database plus a collection of over 12000 cliparts on the second CD offers versatility to the end user. Unlike previous versions of WordPerfect, the import utility for MS Office Documents works brilliantly and flawlessly. We could even get our database file converted into .html format. The other parts such as spell checker, highlighter, print preview and the remaining MS Office goodies work in similar fashion giving no room for complaints.

There's not much difference in the looks as compared to its counterpart MS Office 97. The menus are in the same position, the short cut keys perform the same operations, there are macros, insert clip art buttons, variety of fonts, sizes and almost everything that one has seen in the Windows counter part. The CD Drive has to be manually mounted each time if you have used the minimal install option or preferred to save space by using clipart CD option in place of downloading it on the hard disk. So if your OS doesn't support the auto boot option you need to do some self-service.

All the windows short cut keys have remained the same. There's Ctrl-S for saving files, Ctrl-Z for "Undo". This proves practically the efforts that have been put up by the Corel Software Team in developing the product on the lines of the Windows version. Problems arise when we wanted to use the formatting tool as it suffered from some serious flaws. After highlighting a particular sentence when we tried to use the 'Caption' mode nothing happened. Then we tried changing it to Heading 1 mode. Not only did the entire line have a different look, but also the entire para was formatted to Heading 1 mode. Pretty dumb! The spell-check feature is impressive though. A small menu drop box in the upper right hand side of the screen will show the nearest matching word for the typo.

Type 1 Fonts pave the way in. Though these fonts are impressive, Windows users will still miss the popular names of the like of Times New Roman or Courier New. Addition of Auto Scroll feature is also a good bet. But just moving the scroll wheel won't suffice. One first needs to press the wheel and then rotate it in the desired direction.