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OpenBSD 2.6 integrates Secure Shell protocol

OpenBSD announced today the launch of OpenBSD 2.6, the first computer operating system to integrate the free open source OpenSSH secure communication tools in the base system. Already regarded by many security experts as the most secure OS on the Internet, OpenBSD now comes even closer to being "Secure by Default".

The OpenBSD 2.6 Released

OpenBSD 2.6 is available for download. To order the CD go to the Web site.

OpenBSD comes close to security nirvana

WELL KNOWN FOR its "secure by default" posture, OpenBSD (www.openbsd.org), the Internet-based volunteer effort, recently announced the inclusion and support of Versions 1.3 and 1.5 of Secure Shell (SSH) client and server in OpenBSD Version 2.6, which is due to appear in early December.

Buddying up to BSD: Part Two - OpenBSD

Last week I set out to "grok" the essence of BSD. I wanted to see how it was different from Linux and what I could learn. Most sane people would probably start their BSD experience with FreeBSD. I started by doing a FTP install of OpenBSD 2.5.

I've been hacked! How OpenBSD saved our project.

Article by one of the Unix SAs in the Information Technology department at the City of Tucson municipal government in Tucson, Arizona.

OpenBSD - a secure alternative

So you want to build a firewall, but aren't quite sure what to use? You might want to consider OpenBSD, an secure offshoot of the BSD family.

Commercial Support for OpenBSD

Network Security Technologies, Inc. (NSTI), a leading provider of managed e-security, has announced that it will offer commercial support for the OS which is available as free software. Through the agreement, NSTI will provide assistance with integration, deployment and consulting for OpenBSD users.

Calgarian heads team ensuring OpenBSD security

Theo de Raadt oversees hundreds of volunteer programmers. What Linus Torvalds is to the increasingly popular Linux, de Raadt is to OpenBSD.

The OpenBSD project

The OpenBSD project produces a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system