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A site for checking Linux hardware compatibility.

GPRS with NetBSD and SonyEricsson P910i

I have just connected by laptop to the Internet via GPRS using my SonyEricsson P910i mobile phone and thought I would make some quick notes regarding this.

Recording CDs and DVDs with NetBSD

I have made some notes regarding NetBSD and CD/DVD-recording that I thought I would share with the world. Not that there is anything terribly complicated or advanced involved, it's all quite straight forward. But since I've already made notes on how to do some of the more common things, I thought I would share them.

Ola Eriksson's NetBSD FAQ

A set of questions and answers related to NetBSD.

New Linux Website - Linux Compatible

A new Linux website dedicated to compiling list of compatible devices and software for Linux has been launched today: Linux Compatible. The website plans to cover applications, games, and hardware.


This site is for OpenBSD users and people interested in learning and using OpenBSD.



A BeOS News site, BeNews has all the latest BeOS news.

dnsupdate - create/update (dynamic) DNS tables


dnsupdate can create the DNS tables from a hosts file and its own configuration file. It can maintain them too. One can use dnsupdate to add or delete hosts, aliases, nameservers, forward and reverse zone. MX records are also added. Tested for Solaris and FreeBSD.

Freeware under GPL.

Computer in a 3 inch cube

Looking for Apache and Linux in a 3" Stackable Aluminium Cube? Designed in partnership with Intel and pre-loaded with Linux, the CerfCube is a high-performance, low-power design for developing Internet devices. It has a high-performance Intel StrongARM 1110 processor

32 MB RAM and 16 MB Flash.

ESR: The BROWSER Project

ESR queries:

"What comes next after the classic Unix environment variables

PAGER, MAILER, and EDITOR?" and introduces


The BROWSER Project" an effort to promulgate a

convention for expressing your browser preference to

programs which must call browsers to view URLs. Nowadays

many programs must do this; mailer user agents and on-line

help systems are just two of the most obvious application