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Linux links and more

This is a comprehensive website with a lot of links, information, news, articles, HOWTO's,

security reports etc for the Linux OS. This site also has a built-in search engine and a meta-crawler.

BSDSearch.Com starting to roll

BSDsearch.com is now online with news, forums and of course a extensive directory backing their search engine.

OpenBSD and the future of the Internet

OpenBSD 2.7 now ships with complete IPv6 support. In real world terms, this means you could feasibly operate a purely IPv6 network of OpenBSD machines, or have them participate in an IPv6 internetwork.

OpenBSD's good example

OpenBSD has done a lot of things right and there are some things that the Linux community should study and emulate. Certain principles that the OpenBSD developers are following, such as secure by default mode and code auditing, are things that Linux should be doing.

The world's most secure OS

A lone Canadian is reshaping the way software gets written. Is the world paying attention?

Configuring RAID on NetBSD

Setting up software-based RAID for the root partition using RAIDframe, with explanations of RAID terminology and usage.

OpenBSD in a datacenter scale environment

BSD has been a high-end server platform prized for its stability, interoperability, and scalability. These points have all come into question recently as commercial Unix vendors such as HP and Sun tout their products as enterprise solutions offering scalability superior to free systems such as Linux and BSD.

OpenBSD is installed, now what?

Setting up OpenBSD as a single-user, desktop system with basic information on installing the ports tree, setting up KDE, stopping unwanted services and using IPFilter.

OpenBSD 2.7 Released

OpenBSD, known for its security has announced a 2.7 version. It has many new features including OpenSSH which supports both the SSH1 and SSH2 protocols.

Coming soon: a real-time OpenBSD?

RTMX O/S, a commercial version of OpenBSD with a full suite of POSIX real-time features, has been donated to the OpenBSD project.