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Oracle's Suit Against Google Threatens Open Source Movement

Oracle has sued Google, accusing it of copyright and patent infringement. Oracle is claiming that Google’s Android OS 

is illegally using some ideas and code base from Java, which was developed by Sun. Oracle bought Sun in January. Google is denying the charges.

From: New York Times

Apache Installation on Linux

Apache is an Open Source WebServer. Apache is a module based web server, which means the functions or individual piece of code that allows the server to handle a certain kind of request or file in appropriate way. This is a step by step tutorial of Apache Installation on Linux.

 Visit To Go Tutor for a guide on how to install Apache on Linux.


The Linux 2.6 Kernel: Cracking the Code

ou could say the Linux kernel is on the cusp of adulthood -- like a teenager about to reach voting age.

The Linux engine in Cars

Ever wonder how Lightning McQueen and friends looked so good in the movie Cars? A lot of that spit and polish came from the Pixar Animation Studio's Linux workstations and servers.

Wine Doors opens Windows under Linux

When I first used Wine to try to install Windows software on my Linux machine, I found it less than user-friendly. Fortunately there was an application called WineTools to help smooth out the process.

A Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD Kernels

I spend most of my time teaching classes on Solaris internals, device drivers, and kernel crash dump analysis and debugging. When explaining to classes how various subsystems are implemented in Solaris, students often ask, "How does it work in Linux?" or, "In FreeBSD, it works like this, how about Solaris?" This article examines three of the basic subsystems of the kernel and compares implementation between Solaris 10, Linux 2.6, and FreeBSD 5.3.

How Toyota and Linux Keep Collaboration Simple

The Linux and Toyota communities are both composed of engineers, so members have the same skills as their colleagues and speak the same language. But these groups are far more disciplined and rigorous in their approach to work than are other engineering communities.

Learning to use mod_rewrite tutorial

Mod_rewrite is apaches most powerful and mystifying module. The basics are introduced and some practical uses include improving URLS for search engines and preventing people from hotlinking to your images are covered.

Collaborative Source Software

This article presents an approach to combine the best of the open source and proprietary software development worlds

Running Windows viruses with Wine

It just isn't fair that Windows users get all the viruses. I mean really, shouldn't Linux users be in on the fun as well? Well... thanks to the folks running the Wine project, Linux users can "catch the virus bug" too -- sort of.