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Give LILO the Boot and Grab Some GRUB

If you're still lumbering along with the antique Linux Loader LILO, you really ought to consider migrating to GRUB, the Grand Unified Bootloader. LILO is quite good, and, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke .... But GRUB has some advantages that make it, in my opinion, the Bootloader of today's generation. Here's why.

Augustin's 8 Simple Rules for Open-Source BusinessStrategy

Augustin, who founded VA Research in 1993 and VA Linux Systems in 1998 now VA Software.

In his OSBC address to a standing-room-only audience titled "Living with Open Source: The New Rules for IT Vendors and Consumers," Augustin offered eight rules.

Microsoft displays fear, uncertainty, and doubt towardOpenOffice.org

I came across Microsoft OpenOffice 1.1 Competitive Guide through a post on the TTLUG mailing list, and decided to answer it fully in a FDLed response because it will save quite a few people from typing everything.

Desktop Guerrilla Tactics: a Portable Thin ClientApproach

Roll out a desktop Linux pilot project quickly without disturbing the legacy desktop OS.

Ten Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Linux

Not so long ago, Linux was only for the technically adept. Then large enterprises claimed it as their own — only they possessed internal resources aplenty to confront its complexity. These days, however, more and more small- and mid-sized businesses are moving to the fastest-growing Operating System (OS) for good, solid reasons — and they aren't looking back.

Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 Personal Mobile Tool

The Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 Personal Mobile Tool is the most recent release in the 5000 series. As the owner of a Zaurus SL-5500, I was pleased to see the many hardware and software improvements Sharp has made in the 5600. The Zaurus SL-5600 retails for $499.00.

Installing Fedora

Bill Ball and Hoyt Duff show how to do a basic installation of Fedora Core with a step-by-step walk through of a sample installation.

A daemon-writer's guide to NetBSD's rc.d system

The NetBSD startup process is extensible, flexible, and a little daunting at first. This article looks at the configuration mechanisms used to enable or disable features, and compares NetBSD's startup procedures to those of other systems.

Enjoying NASA's Maestro on your Linux desktop

I decided to download Maestro, the software NASA uses to control the Mars rover Spirit, right after reading about the project on Slashdot last week. Thousands of others were doing the same thing,

Getting and installing NetBSD-current

The BSD family of Unix-like operating systems evolved from the last release of 4.4BSD, released by the University of California some years ago. As with Linux, they have full releases and a live CVS tree. This article discusses why you might want to run the -current branch of NetBSD, how you would go about it, and a bit of what could go wrong.