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The Unununium Project advances

The project has evolved along this time. A new approach is being made. Scitech SNAP drivers are supported, progress on the File System and device drivers, such as Network devices and HID drivers, and a C library (diet-libc) port.

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Unununium Core gets ready


Unununium Core is almost finished. In fact, someone can now make an operating system from it. This is a big step toward the various distributions (including a graphical distribution) of this 100% assembly written Operating Engine.

A nice boot loader...


The Unununium Core Team now offers the nicest Boot loader for 386+ OS. It boots with a little demo running while it loads the core. This all fits in 512 bytes, along with CPU detection, protected mode jump, partition check, some error messages and a lot of little other features.

4th Axis Operating System major change


The 4th Axis Operating System teams decided to move on to another (slightly different) architecture. Instead of using its traditional VOiD kernel architecture (no kernel, dynamic modules), it will now use a small kernel with assembly JIT-linking.

4th Axis and legal name


Because of the multiple 4th Axis brand names, the 4th Axis OS team decided to change its name to: "THoD Core". This way, there are no more chances of confusion.

4th Axis change direction

Dave Poirier has left the coordination of this project.

Jaques Mony is now the only coordinator. Dave Poirier

is still with the project, but as a lead developer.

The system will be changing direction too. It won't strictly

follow the Void architecture anymore, it will have a

swappable kernel following the JIT designs.