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Access Microsoft files with Sharity-Light

Windows still got you trapped? Maybe SAMBA File System support is what you need.

The little deamon's got me!!

Can a previously devout Penguinista find true happiness in the guise of a little red daemon??

Power to the people, from the code

How Berkeley hackers built the Net's most fabled free operating system on the ashes of the '60s -- and then lost the lead to Linux.

Serving the World

With the recent hype surrounding open source software, an important project has gone unnoticed in the media. This project, FreeBSD, aims to create a rock-solid UNIX clone based on the 4BSD work from the University of California at Berkeley.

Interview with Jordan Hubbard of FreeBSD, Inc.

For Jordan Hubbard, President and CEO of FreeBSD Inc., the non-profit company behind the Open Source FreeBSD operating system, the only problem with having a David vs. Goliath mystique is that the Goliath in the FreeBSD storyline is another Open Source operating system: Linux.

Fresh Ports

Freshports lists the change made to the FreeBSD ports tree. If you wish, freshports can email you when your favourite port has been updated.

BSDCon 2000 Announcement

Cdrom.com is pleased to announce BSDCon 2000, the second annual BSD Conference and Expo! If you are a BSD user, this is the event you don't want to miss. There will be BSD-related tutorials, talks, demos, discussions, and exhibitor booths.

The FreeBSD 3.4 Review, Part 2

After two months of heavy use, our reviewer finds little to complain about with FreeBSD. In our first part, we looked at FreeBSD's history and installation.

There's no BS in BSD

The merger of Walnut Creek with BSDI offers the possibility of a BSD-based packaging and services company capable of operating on a par with mainstream Linux distribution vendors. If the new BSDi gets its way, the friendly rivalry between Linux and BSD is about to heat up.

BSD sleight of hand

When companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft Hotmail proclaim their FreeBSD allegiance publicly, it's worth paying attention.