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A comprehensive guide to FreeBSD

Read this 8 chapter online or download all the chapters.

FreeBSD Conference and Expo

Many discussions, panels, and exhibits are planned for the first annual "FreeBSDCon '99," to be held in Berkeley this October 17 - 21.

FreeBSD Zine

Online Mag for FreeBSD users

The FreeBSD Diary

Practical experiences to FreeBSD


FreeBSD news and resources

World's busiest FTP server sets new traffic record -- 1.39 TB in one day!

wcarchive.cdrom.com, the world's busiest FTP server, set a new record for traffic on May 24th, when it served

1.39 Terabytes of data to the world over the 24 hour period ending that morning. The high traffic is largely due to the recent releases of RedHat 6.0

and Slackware 4.0, which are mirrored on the server. wcarchive is a FreeBSD system on a Micron Pentium-III Xeon 500, and has long been a shining

example of FreeBSD's "rock hard stability."

Why I run FreeBSD

Why FreeBSD is preferred over SunOS, Solaris and Linux

FreeBSD 'Zine April Issue

The April issue (#4) of the FreeBSD 'zine was put up on the 1st. Features this month include

tutorials on shell scripting and vi, a benchmark comparison between BSD and Linux, and a

continuation of the series on qmail.

Official FreeBSD Website

FreeBSD is an advanced BSD UNIX operating system for "PC-compatible" computers