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FreeBSD Release 3.3

FreeBSD 3.3 has been releases with many bug fixes and

general enhancements.

Even better than Linux

Trio of operating systems based on BSD is even more reliable and secure.

Beyond Linux, Free Systems Help Build The Web

To serve nearly 80 million people each month, Yahoo! Inc. operates about 1,000 computers that run on FreeBSD.

The Real FreeBSD

There are a number of common misconceptions about FreeBSD in non-BSD circles.  Many of these misconceptions were voiced recently on the Linux oriented news site, Slashdot.  This article clears some of these misconceptions in the hope to attract new users and prevent the spread of misinformation about FreeBSD.

FreeBSD, 'the other Linux,' takes a different approach to free software

A good article comparing FreeBSD with Linux.

Daemon News

Practical Approaches for Distributing HTTP Traffic

Daemon News

FreeBSD online monthly magazine

FreeBSD Con '99

First annual FreeBSD conference and expo to be held at Berkley, California from October 17-21, 1999.

BSD a better OS than Linux?

Is BSD a better alternative to Linux?

Eniac Homepage

Installing and getting started with FreeBSD