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Bob Frankenberg's breaking Windows

Ex-Novell CEO speaks out on Microsoft: We are using an open-source software product; it's Free BSD, as opposed to Linux.

Applixware for FreeBSD Operating System

Applix, Inc., the leader in applications for Linux and UNIX workstations, today announced a distribution agreement with Walnut Creek CDROM.

FreeBSD Con 99

October 17, 1999 marked a milestone in the history of FreeBSD -- the first FreeBSD conference was held in the city where it all began, Berkeley, CA. Over 300 developers, users, and interested parties attended from around the globe.

Test Drive FreeBSD

This website gives you quick, open, online access to simply run your applications on FreeBSD.

BSD Driver Database

The idea behind the BSD Driver Database is to help individuals with hardware that needs supporting get in touch with driver developers with the knowledge to write the support for the hardware.

BSD Applications database

This database contains Unix applications which are able to run natively or under emulation on a *BSD system.

FreeBSDCon '99

By every metric that matters, FreeBSDCon is a huge success: everyone's jazzed, no one's bitching, and attendance has exceeded organizers' expectations by a fat margin.

The FreeBSD Mall

One stop shop for many FreeBSD related items like software, books and T-shirts.

FreeBSD Resources for Newbies

New to FreeBSD? This web page may help you come quickly to speed.

FreeBSD Handbook

The comprehensive guide to the care and feeding of your FreeBSD system.